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Objectives of edaTools

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This platform is part of the european FP7 R&D ACCESS-Project.

Design tools from FP7 projects will be identified and collected. R&D ACCESS will promote these tools on the ACCESS platform to customers outside of the R&D research projects to enable a better dissemination of results.
Information about tools which are already collected by edacentrum from FP6, ENIAC, ARTEMIS and national programmes will be added and improved, to start services with a basic offer of R&D related tools.
It is the main ambition in this work package to support interaction between users from SMEs, industry and academia. One
approach to enable this is the Open Source approach. If tools become Open Source, consultancy and support services can
be offered for example. The EDA community will strengthen the Open Source community (and vice versa). Even if tools are
obsolete, they are probably reusable in another setup later. For those tools which cannot be provided as Open Source, edacentrum will set up measures to deal with restricted user groups and to support IPR from the tool developers.