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Technoconsult ApS

Technoconsult ApS

Agern Alle 3
2970 Hoersholm

Contact Person: Nielsen, Ivan Ring

Technoconsult founded in 1987 has worked with R&D dissemination issues in the Nordic countries and throughout Europe. Technoconsult specializes in guiding a technology from its inception, through the complete design stage to the final commercially available solution. Acting as a subcontractor to Technical University of Denmark Technoconsult was heavily involved in making the EuroTraining project into a successful asset for the European training market. For many years, we have been successful in applying our technological skills and market knowledge to a variety of new and innovative ideas, and have guided projects from a conceptual stage to the completed commercial product. This experience has enabled us to forge trusted partnerships with the R&D departments of leading private companies, public institutions and university-based research centres to assist in the development and evolution of their new ideas into viable commercial products.

Technoconsult has a long experience of coordinating international R&D projects including EUROPRACTICE-TBPS (Esprit-21101), EuroTraining (ICT 211806), SoC-SME (NIC-02050), SoCMOBINET (IST 2000-30094), SYSMODEL (ARTEMIS project 100035) and microChem (BRPR-CT98- 0787). Among other things Technoconsult has for 24 years coordinated the Nordic Multi Project Wafer organisation, NORCHIP. Today Technoconsult continues the coordination of research work in the Nordic countries, for instance by organising the annual IEEE NORCHIP Conference.