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The objective of the R&D ACCESS project is to identify R&D results on semiconductor design from FP7 projects and to provide these results to partners from outside the consortia. R&D ACCESS provides a dissemination platform facilitating the access to project results generated in huge numbers of FP6, FP7, ENIAC and ARTEMIS projects. The access structure supports the dissemination and exploitation in as well industry (segmented in large enterprises and SMEs) as in academia. Initially the platform content will be based on Community generated results, however, when the platform is implemented and routines for best practice have been established also relevant project results originating from e.g. national programmes will be invited to join the ACCESS platform. The vision of the project is to:

  1. Provide a framework of websites containing R&D results related to semiconductor design, i.e. the ACCESS platform
  2. Create one single ACCESS point for the user, i.e.
  3. Combining existing websites, without re-constructing them, i.e. to offer standardized interfaces
  4. The initial websites to be integrated include: EuroTraining, Design-Reuse and EDA Tools
  5. Users entering the ACCESS platform will experience:
    a. A single sign-on for all sub-sites
    b. One search for all
    c. Same “Look-and-Feel”

All services offered are gathered in the ACCESS platform, promoting the semiconductor design related training, IPs, Design Tools and Design Methodologies and attracting new knowledge providers. In order to make this information generally available it is based on a web system developed as an extension to already existing European services like EuroTraining, IP Design-Reuse and EDA network. The R&D results are divided into four categories:

  1. Training and Education
  2. Intellectual Properties
  3. Design Tools
  4. Design Methodologies