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Design And Reuse S.A.

Design And Reuse S.A.

12 rue Ampère
38016 Grenoble

Contact Person: Saucier, Gabriele

Founded in 1997, D&R became the worldwide leader as a web and a B2B portal in the IP/SoC field. By IP should be understood Silicon IP as well as software IPs such as embedded software. This position has been reinforced over the years. With its 150.000 page views per month, 15.000 daily updated IP/SOC products descriptions, its news broadcast to 35.000 subscribers and the on going client/provider matching activity, D&R web stays worldwide unique. It has become obvious that each product launching in this field will trigger an announcement and a marketing campaign hosted on D&R web sites. 150 companies have signed up a partnership agreement with D&R for providing their latest information to the market through D&R channel and taking the best benefit from its lead service and B2B matching opportunities.

1) A Turnkey IP/ Product Management Web Platform .Written in Java and based on XML encapsulation outstanding features are provided for: 

  •  Web station publishing, Files delivery, product repository, client Management and support

2) For large companies are provided two major products:

  • An intranet Reuse Station aims at organizing internal reuse in companies supporting IP submission for reuse, IP qualification, IP packaging, secure and efficient IP exchange with customizable protocols
  • External IP Manager platform is a customizable enterprise platform dedicated to receive, publish and deliver external IP files to authorized internal users according to contract/licensing agreements. It offers the following advanced features: External IP (and IP in product) dual publishing, External IP XML Profiling, External IP Repository, Contracting, Sales, Finance IP centric panels, User entitlement, Download and Download control. Designer support and integrated supplier/designer Bug Panel, IP usage tracking etc.

1997: Started as SARL, a fully private-hold company founded by the inventors.
1998: Changed the corporation into SA (Societé anonyme) following the entry of CMP media INC for 19% share
2001: D&R is awarded with the "Trophee de la Nouvelle Economie" delivered by Cegetel and l'Express.
2001: D&R puts on the market IP Manager SeriesTM.
2002: D&R puts on the market eDesign ManagerTM
2003: Both tools are merged to become D&R Reuse Station and this enterprize Platform is used at Alcatel worldwide
2004: Customization of the platform leads to a generic management enterprise platform
2005: D&R Reuse Station is installed at Cisco systems worldwide